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About Us

I have cared for dogs my entire life. I have experience with all breeds, types and sizes of dogs. Jumbo or small, puppy or senior, couch potato or race breed, I know how to keep your dog happy and healthy while you are away!

I have worked in a veterinary hospital gaining experience in canine medical care, this allows me the expertise I need to administer any medication your pup needs.



As an AKC Breeder of Merit, I have the experience and knowledge to manage intact males and females in heat or even those due to whelp.

My brother who lives on my property with me is a dog lover too! He is always on hand to provide cuddles and belly rubs! Who could ever have enough of those?!


I do not work away from home so I am available to you and your dog full time. My vast competence in all aspects of canine care gives me the knowledge I need to keep you and your dog happy as my clients.

Spanky and Angella
Nick and Angella
Life is good
Horse, Nick and Ryan
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